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Proper Goal Setting

Even though it’s only a little over a month from the beginning of 2022, I can confidently assume 80%+ of people have already ditched or are half-assing their new year goals they set for themselves (myself included - I’m supposed to be in bed by 10:30pm).

The other day my friend was expressing to me that she felt like she was not gaining any real traction with some of her goals and asked me tactical ways she could accomplish more. It was pretty funny she’d asked me, quite frankly I’d been feeling the same way. So much so that just last week instead of my typical background music while working, I was consuming as much content as possible regarding productivity hacks, advice on eliminating distractions, and ways to combat mental fatigue. Surprisingly, nothing really stuck and all the information seemed subpar. I sat there ruminating over her question for a bit and came to the realization that maybe everyones overly-ambitious goal setting tendencies sometimes creates the biggest barrier we face.

First off, I reminded her that she actually was accomplishing more than she was giving herself credit for. Secondly, I suggested she focus on one big thing to tackle for the next 3 months. Not a week, not a month… 3 months of being dialed in. I proceeded to tell her oftentimes we think that because we do not accomplish what we set out to accomplish within an unrealistic time frame, we are failing. In turn, we give up quickly or it simply takes twice as long to reach our goals because of how much time we end up stressing about the harsh deadlines we have created for ourselves.

After giving her this advice, I then wondered why I couldn’t take my own. Personally, I realized I always want to tackle 10 things and get instantly overwhelmed. While working on those 10 tasks, I also get these new ideas that I instantly want to begin executing on. I decided to list out a few reminders to keep me on track:

Set Realistic Goals

It is important to set realistic goals that are attainable in the allotted time frame you give yourself. If you set a quick deadline, it will create anxiety and in turn you may not even be as productive. Also, don’t set too many goals simultaneously. Narrow your goals down.

Execute with Integrity

When you execute with integrity, it’s difficult to let yourself or others down. If you say you are going to do something, do it! Even though you are setting realistic goals, hold yourself to a high standard. Once you are consistently proving to yourself you can do the task at hand, however difficult it may be, you build more trust within yourself and others will trust you more too.

Give Yourself Grace

You are human. Life happens. There will always be constant curveballs. However, what matters most is how you adapt and respond.

Have Designated Brain Dump Time

Allocate specific time to think and write down all of your ideas. Whether you think it may be ridiculous, a silly idea, or something that may be just a fleeting thought - document it. Dedicating time to regular brain dumping declutters your mind. Having these ideas does not mean we need to execute on them immediately. You can always refer back to this list once your other goals have been accomplished. Who knows what million or billion dollar idea you may have for the future.

Be Confident AF

Sometimes when initially chipping away at a new goal, it can feel disheartening and like suddenly you are in a black hole. During these times remind yourself why you started and also why you are the ideal person to carry out this task. Ask yourself once this goal is completed, who else will you be impacting by doing this? If you are struggling to muster up the can-do attitude, call any of your biggest supporters and they’ll remind you.

All in all, just remember when it comes to goals, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Once you hone in on your next goal, do not pressure yourself into thinking everything must be accomplished overnight. Consistently pound the pavement and the results will come. Get after it!!

Ciao for Now,


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