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Just the Beginning


I'm Cody and welcome to my blog! This blog will be dedicated to branding tips, personal development, productivity, and probably a few Kanye-esque rants. I've realized as a new business owner I can no longer work without showcasing what I do (BTW, you should always showcase your work)...

If anything the pandemic has taught me the importance of introspection, being okay with pivoting, and the powerful duo of intuition/execution. Another big epiphany for me was the dire need to get over my perfectionism, which oftentimes was squandering my potential.

This new 2.0 version I've created for myself is no longer satisfied with triple checking if all the "t's" are crossed or all the "i's" are dotted... I've realized you gain momentum the more you try, regardless if you get it right the first time or not. Whoever said "failure is feedback" is 1,000% correct. You can fail forward or you can decide to be complacent, it's your choice.

A few things that have personally helped me get over my own mental roadblocks:

  • Journaling

  • Meditating - 99% of the time if you slow down, you have the answer. The other 1% of the time Google's gotcha covered

  • Accepting my strengths

  • Refining my strengths

  • Doubting my inner critic

  • Watching Cruella that ultimately begged the question, "Who was I before the world told me who to be???"

  • Consistently reading daily affirmations. I thought this was silly until I realized I legit was rewiring my neurological pathways

Anyway, I could go on and on but I have to get back to the entrepreneurial grind (Yes, I quit my "9-5" to work around the clock ⏰ ). I'll leave you with this... If you're thinking about doing something but are hesitant, just go for it! Of course, you will have doubters, skeptics, haters, and/or all of the above. However, you will also have your biggest supporters like your mom and your best friend reading your very first post (HI NEEEEENZZZ). You never know what kind of ripple effect you are potentially creating. Time is limited... go make it happen.

...& that's all I gotta say about that.

Ciao for Now,


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